Sunset Hilltop Farm Store

Our Mission and how we got here:

Chiefland Shopping Online
We present products tailored to the Chiefland Rural lifestyle. Florida is known for its agricultural communities and Chiefland Florida is a great example of the farm-town communities that exist in Florida. Everything from large agricultural industrial type farms to small hobby farms or homesteads. Here at Sunset Hilltop Farm, we fall into that smaller hobby farm class. We grow seasonal berries like blueberries and blackberries. And have small livestock in goats and chickens, with plans to add grapes and beautyberries, which grow native to the farm.
We host U-Pick events and have been selling directly to the community and we have gotten to know some of the local master crafters. These crafters have been supplying the local community with things like goat milk soap, fragrances, jams, jellies, candles, and other crafts that were directly produced from what they have harvested from their farms. We also have blacksmiths forging knives, carpenters who build benches, picnic tables, and chicken coops. “We are making it our effort to bring these crafters to you so you can shop Chiefland online.”

The local crafters have such a limited supply we sell out of the local crafters goods before we can even get the products online. So, to keep our website up we have incorporated adding foreign products that we support. These products we have been purchasing through other suppliers and now have access to become the reseller. We are testing these products on our farm and will be reviewing them and posting these reviews on our website platforms. Papa Crafty on YouTube, @Papacrafty on TicTok, on FaceBook, and our website at

We are building a platform for people to shop Chiefland online, by giving support to our community and for those in Chiefland shopping online.
The products on our online store are currently in use daily, for example our blueberries we have an issue with birds as they cause quite a bit of damage to the crops yearly. What we have been using that helps has been foils and flash danglers. We run stringers across our broadcast irrigation lines and then hang foils and danglers to flash and blind or just simply scare the birds. Our number one problem bird is the cedar wax wing. They come in flocks of 20 to 100 and knock more berries off the bush than they eat. Our next great deterrent is the pin wheel which moves in the slightest breeze and can be easily found in the dollar store along with the other danglers and foils. We have these items for less than the dollar available on our site.

Our next product will be solar powered flash and sound devices which we will use in 2024 to see if this improves the results. We will add decoy owls and hawks throughout the property, but in caution because we want to keep our resident birds of prey doing their jobs keeping the rodent population under control.
We are dedicating a category on our Chiefland online store in a U-Pick category targeting what we buy each season for our U-Pick event so you too can get the supplies you need for your U-Pick Event.

List of Targeted U-Pick items.
Signage ( U-Pick, Parking, Arrows ), Barriers, Ropes, scales, containers, carry totes, bags, register, scale, balloons, animal deterrents, sanitizers, porta potty systems, label and printers, picking tools, tents and canopies, Banners & Flags, wavy guy, generator, lighting.