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Chicken Swing

Chicken Swing

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Model Number: Chicken Swing Toy

Farm Animals Type: Chicken

Type: Farm Animals

MainKey1: Swing Toys

MainKey2: chicken ladder hens roost perch swing hook

MainKey3: birds toys chew stand perch climb budgies

MainKey4: hanging bird cage accessories stand decoration

MainKey5: chicken coop accessories décor large

MainKey6: Ladder swing supplies hens toy chicks small bird


Durable. Chicken Swing Toy, Made of natural wooden material, durable.
Easy to Install. Allows chicken to climb it and keep balance on it, provides entertainment fun and exercise for your chickens.
Feature. Provide a nice place for your chicken birds parrots to swing, play, climb, and chew,
Hanging. You can for decorating chicken birds cages, also for chewing, standing and climbing.
Application. Suitable for chicken, large birds parrot parakeets, cockatiels, finches, budgie, macaws, lovebirds, etc.

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1 Chicken Swing Toy


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Chicken Swing Chicken Coop Toys Exercise for Small Parakeet Finches

Chicken Swing Chicken Coop Toys Exercise for Small Parakeet Finches

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